Introducing our new Change of Property form

Previously, if your client’s property purchase fell through, they would have needed to start the process from the beginning again – so a new Decision in Principle and application would have been required.

We have introduced a Change of Property form to improve this process for both you and your clients.

If your client's property changes post submission, you will need to complete the form and get your client to sign it, and then upload it to the existing case. We can then make the amendments and arrange the valuation, etc. Your client will keep the same account number and the case will be assessed by the same underwriter. This new process also means that a new credit search isn’t required (providing the new one is still valid).

If a standard valuation is required, and the original property had a standard valuation for mortgage purposes carried out, then the customer would need to pay for any subsequent valuation.

The original mortgage product will remain for the client(s), but should they wish to take a new product, then they’ll need to pay the £250 product switch fee. If the new product offers another free standard valuation for mortgage purposes, your client will still be able to benefit from this.

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