Tailored. Flexible. Personal.

At Skipton we recognise every case is different and that people who need a larger loan often require a more flexible approach to our products and services. So we developed Skipton Bespoke - a premium service for clients who have unique individual requirements and need a mortgage of £1 million and more.

Tailored to fit

The Skipton Bespoke service is tailored to meet your client's individual requirements, allowing you to mix, match, pick and choose key elements to create their product. For example, your client can choose the term, completion fee and mix of product incentives along with other features (subject to criteria). Product features are included in product pricing and will impact the overall rate.

Flexible underwriting

Our underwriting decisions are made by people - not computers - and all cases are assessed individually. Our underwriters will work closely with you to make sure your clients get the right outcome for them.

Kris Brewster, Head of Products

“We combined Skipton’s expertise with advice from market specialists to develop this proposition, which gives us another way to demonstrate our Real Life Lending commitment and extend our five star service to you and your clients. As part of that bespoke service, you get access to our dedicated team of IRMs, underwriters, mortgage product managers, and a direct line to our telephone support team. We look forward to working with you soon.”

Kris Brewster, Head of Products

Bespoke at a Glance

  • for loans of £1 million and above
  • work with us to design the mortgage product
  • direct access to our Products team
  • dedicated broker support line
  • dedicated Underwriting team
  • individual products priced to correspond to your client's loan
  • we'll tell you as soon as possible if we can't lend to your client.

Applying for a Skipton Bespoke mortgage is easy

  1. 1. Get in Touch

    Call your local IRM or our Broker Support team with your client's circumstances, financial details and product requirements.

  2. 2. We Design It

    You submit the decision in principle and work with a product manager to tailor your client’s product, while the underwriter initially assesses their case.

  3. 3. Over to You

    You talk to the customer about their Bespoke mortgage, provide an illustration and ask if they want to proceed based on the product we’ve designed.

  4. 4. Submit the Application

    Send us the full mortgage application and we’ll underwrite the case against the specific product. Once the application is successful we’ll issue your client’s mortgage offer.

  5. 5. The Perfect Fit

    Your client gets a Bespoke mortgage tailored to their own unique requirements.

Key Lending Policy

Highlights of our Skipton Bespoke lending policy include:

  • priority underwrite
  • maximum loan - £3,000,000
  • minimum loan - £1,000,000
  • maximum term - 35 years
  • availability - purchase and remortgage
  • deposit must be form an acceptable UK source
  • procuration fee - 0.4% up to a maximum loan of £3,000,000
  • maximum LTV - 75%
  • maximum LTI - 4.49 x (in Greater London and South East) and 4.75 x (in all other regions).

Interest Only Policy Changes

Bespoke mortgage products are available up to a maximum interest only loan of £3,000,000 at 70% LTV. The Society will also accept the following repayment strategies:

  • Sale of Mortgaged Property: The main residence can be used as the repayment vehicle when a minimum of £400,000 of equity remains within the property, providing the interest only element is no greater than 50% LTV. If the overall loan is above 50% LTV, additional repayment vehicles can be used in conjunction with Sale of Mortgaged Property, up to the Society's maximum interest only limit of 70% LTV or 80% for part and part
  • Pension: Up to a maximum of 15% of the customer’s total projected pension pot is permitted, where the minimum projected value of the pension pot is £400,000
  • UK shares and bonds held as investments
  • Cash savings in a UK deposit account
  • BTL property owned in applicant's name
  • Endowment policy provided by a regulated firm
  • A combination of repayment vehicles can be used subject to criteria.

The maximum LTV for the interest only part of the loan is 70% and the maximum term is 25 years.

View the full Skipton Key Lending Policy

Negotiable Product/Case Features

Product features are included in the product pricing and will impact the overall rate.

  • completion fee
  • application fee
  • product term
  • loan amount (maximum £3,000,000)
  • type (fixed/variable)
  • cashback
  • overpayments
  • contribution to standard legal fees through Skipton remortgage service
  • free standard valuation

Note: products qualify for a free standard valuation fee if selected by your client. This is up to a maximum purchase price/estimated valuation/ultimate valuation of £1,500,000. Top up fees apply above this purchase price/valuation

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