First and foremost, we’re here to support you and your clients, but please remember our people are also affected by the current situation, so we thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Lending policy

What is your approach to someone who has been furloughed?

Is it important that you inform us of any changes to your client's income at any point prior to completion. This includes applicants who have been furloughed.

For new cases, we will not accept the income from an applicant who is currently furloughed. Consideration may be given on a case by case basis if evidence can be obtained that they are returning to work within 4 weeks from the application submission date (employer confirmation required) and the LTV is 60% or under.

This policy applies to all new lending (residential and buy to let) including additional borrowing and remortgages with any element of capital raising. Product transfers are excluded from these restrictions, unless the borrower is also seeking additional borrowing.

What income can I use for my self-employed client?

If your client has a suitably qualified accountant, then we will require a fully completed accountant certificate and the accountant to confirm the coronavirus impact on the business and your customer's income. We will calculate their income as per our Lending Criteria providing the accountant confirms this is their current income considering the impact of coronavirus.

If your client doesn't have an accountant, then we will require the customers latest personal/business bank statement evidencing their current income in conjunction with evidence of the last 2 years income and either use an average or latest, whichever is lower.

What if my client is on a zero hours/income contract?

We will require a copy of the latest contract dated post 31 March and use the lowest or average versus minimum of the last 2 years income compared to the latest months.

What if my client is an independent contractor?

We have changed our policy and require a minimum of 3 months left on the current contract or evidence that the contract has been renewed.

Has lending into retirement been affected by coronavirus impacts?

The only change made is that we will require the client's up to date pension projections dated post 31 March 2020.

Current service

How to get in touch?

There are several ways you can get in touch with our Broker Support team which are detailed at the bottom of this page or email the team at

Our BDMs and TBDMs are also still available via phone or email for standard queries.

Please note due to the unprecedented demand on our call centre, Web Chat remains our most efficient contact method. A link to chat with our team is at the bottom of this page.

What happens if I need an offer extension?

We offer extensions for all offers (6+6 for purchases and remortgages and 9+3 for new build cases), subject to a new credit search and up to date income documentation and we will continue to offer this. However, we may also require an up to date valuation.

Can my client port an existing Skipton mortgage product?

For customers wishing to switch their existing Skipton mortgage product, we currently allow a 6 month gap between selling their current property and buying their new one. To offer some extra flexibility to your clients we've extended this to 9 months. Any further extensions will be considered on a case by case basis.

New business/valuations

Are Skipton accepting new business?

Yes, our underwriters are working from home and we are very much open for business.

What type of cases are Skipton accepting?

We currently offer Residential lending up to 95% LTV for First Time Buyers and up to 90% LTV for other purchases and remortgages. Buy to Let lending is available up to 75% LTV.

Where possible, valuations will be conducted remotely using a combination of Automated Valuation Models (AVM) and desktop valuations.

For customers in Scotland, products are only available where they have a valid home report (no older than 90 days) prior to submitting your mortgage application.

Please keep checking our Product Range page for updated product guides

What would happen with an application which has a property type that can't currently be valued?

While physical valuations are now able to proceed in England, Scotland and Wales, there may still be some instances where the property can’t be accessed at the current time. The case will be underwritten and the valuation will be put on hold.

Now that the government has announced physical valuations can resume, when will this start for Skipton cases?

Physical valuations in England, Scotland and Wales have now resumed. We are working closely with our surveying firm, Connells to ensure that all physical valuations which have been on hold during lockdown, are booked in and completed at the earliest opportunity. Understandably there is a backlog and a need to ensure social distancing takes place as much as possible during the valuation, for the safety of both vendors, owner-occupoers and surveyors. It might take a bit of time so please bear with us while we work through the backlog.

Once your client's valuation has been booked, we'll be in touch by un-secure email and your client will receive a text message. You can also check the progress of the application on eMortgages.

Are Skipton accepting Scottish Home Reports for new lending?

Yes, subject to the transcript being acceptable to our valuers and no more than 3 months having passed since the Home Report took place.

What is your stance on using additional income?

We will consider using 50% of additional earned income (even if guaranteed) when assessing a client for affordability purposes. This includes overtime, bonus and commission. Please note that we’ll need to see evidence going back two years, which should include the client’s latest payslip.


What is the process for verifying customer ID?

For cases where ID cannot be provided, we will carry out an electronic check to verify their identity. Customers who fail the verification will be required to supply ID documentation by sending documents either in post to us or to their broker for certification. If your client is unable to do this, and you have used your own e-ID solution, we will require the e-ID reference and we will need to refer this to request authorisation to accept this.

If the above solutions are not satisfied, the case can stay on hold until your client can satisfy the requirements.

Will photographs or scanned copies of documents be accepted?

We can accept documents that are scanned, photographs that are taken via cam scanner (an app that can be downloaded) and pdf documents of the original documentation from the Broker. We cannot currently accept a normal photo of a document (unless this is taken via cam scanner).

What happens if my client is struggling to supply a payslip and/or bank statement?

We have the option to carry out an auto income verification check where documentation cannot be supplied due to isolation of the client. Please submit a photo of the wage slip as per the above process - this may be sufficient to pass income verification checks. If not, we can offer open banking as a solution, we can send your client the link to this. Please speak to the underwriter.

If the above solutions are not satisfied, the case can be put on hold until the customer can satisfy the requirements.

What is Skipton's stance on documentation which requires a signature via the conveyancer?

It is the conveyancer's requirement to obtain fully completed documents. If they're not available immediately, on a case by case basis we may accept this providing these are obtained by the solicitor at a later date.

Signed mortgage deeds remain a requirement for HMLR currently and cases cannot be completed without these.

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