Conveyancer Search

The Society has a panel of conveyancers who are eligible to act on behalf of the Society. Use the facility below to check if the borrower's preferred conveyancer is on our Conveyancing Panel before completing a full mortgage application as this will reduce potential delays.

If your conveyancer is not on the Panel

If the borrower's preferred conveyancer is not on the panel, please ask the conveyancer to read our Terms of Membership and complete the Panel Application Form. Alternatively the borrower may choose another conveyancer from our panel.

Please note:
If a borrower is taking out a remortgage product that is offering a free standard legal service, they would only qualify if using our appointed conveyancer as we have specially negotiated costs.
Borrowers are free to use conveyancers of their own choice, however if the conveyancer is not on our Panel then, unless admitted, the Society will instruct another conveyancer to act on our behalf in the mortgage and the borrower will be liable for both sets of charges.
The Society reserves the right to refuse admission to the Panel or to suspend or remove a firm from its Panel.


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