At Skipton we realise the importance of ensuring mortgage procuration fees are paid quickly.

You can now receive your procuration fees electronically, please log in to our eMortgages system to register your bank details securely. This is only applicable to directly authorised brokers.

Once you are registered, you can usually expect to receive your procuration fee payment within 10 working days of completion. Please note that payments to some networks and clubs have been agreed on a monthly basis. Please refer to your Network or Club for further information.

Procuration fees are payable on all our residential products subject to a minimum loan of £25,000. We reserve the right to seek return of any procuration fees paid to an intermediary if the application is subsequently found to be fraudulent.

Please note that the maximum gross residential procuration fee is £4,000 and procuration fees are only paid on the amount of new net lending where a case is being ported.

For Buy to Let, Skipton will pay a gross procuration fee of 0.50% on all introduced Buy-to-Let business. There is a minimum loan of £25,000 and a maximum loan of £750,000 to qualify for the Buy-to-Let procuration fee.