We value our relationship

At Skipton Intermediaries we truly value the relationship we have with you our brokers. We also recognise the time and effort that goes into each mortgage application when seeking out the best deal for the borrower. We now pay a procuration fee for retaining an existing borrower with us and you can complete product transfers using our eMortgage system.

How does it work?

The Skipton borrower will be eligible for our new business remortgage product range (excluding those with cashback), as well as our retention range (which has previously only been available to customers who have approached us directly). Both ranges will be available on your sourcing systems.

All the information that you need to complete the product transfer can be found on this page, so please take a moment to bookmark it for your convenience.

Who’s not eligible?

We want to make this available to as many Skipton borrowers as possible. However, there are some cases that will not be eligible. These include:

  • A request for additional funds
  • A change to the method of repayment
  • A change to the mortgage term
  • If an early repayment charge applies for any part of their mortgage
  • If any part of their mortgage is on interest only. (We will accept buy to let cases on interest only or part interest only.)

Any of the above won't stop a Skipton borrower from switching their mortgage rate, it just means they would need to go through the existing application process direct with us.

Download our step-by-step guide on how to request a transfer from your client’s existing Skipton mortgage, over to a new product using, our eMortgage system.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are clients who I didn’t originally introduce to Skipton, eligible to use this service?
Yes. Providing they meet the eligibility criteria.
What consent will I need from my clients?
You’ll need the current mortgage balance from your client and you’ll also need to confirm during the transfer process on eMortgages that you have your client’s consent. This is so we can release their information to you. We’ll also contact your client to let them know you’ve started the transfer.
I’m not able to proceed. What should I do?
If you tried to complete a transfer for your customer and you were unable to proceed, it may be due to the eligibility criteria on page one of this guide. For data protection reasons, the borrower will need to speak to us directly to find out why. The number for them to call is 0345 850 1755.
Will the request secure the mortgage product?
Yes, either yourself or the borrower will need to return the signed Mortgage Illustration within seven working days to complete the transfer. We’ll send you an email reminder after five days. If we don’t receive the documentation in time, you’ll have to start again and the product might not be available.
Where do I send the documents?
You can use the scan and upload function on eMortgages. Alternatively, you or your client can email it to us at contractvariation@skipton.co.uk, or send it to us in the post.
How will I know you’ve received the signed Mortgage Illustration?
We’ll email you and contact the borrower to confirm receipt. eMortgages will also be updated to reflect the current status.
When will the transfer take place?

This will take effect from the first day of the following month after maturity. We’ll send a letter to the borrower two weeks before implementation to confirm their new mortgage payment. We’ll also email you when the transfer has been implemented.

If there is no product maturity and your client is transferring from a product such as our Standard Variable Rate (SVR) or our Mortgage Variable Rate (MVR), then the transfer will take place immediately.

How will I see the products that are available?
You’ll see them on your mortgage sourcing systems and our eMortgage system.
What does the borrower need to do?

They need to give you their personal details - including their current mortgage balance and their consent - and sign the Mortgage Illustration if they’re happy to proceed. Please refer to the five-step guide for further information.

Can I complete a transfer when there are more than 2 people named on the mortgage?
Yes you can complete a product transfer when there are more than 2 people named on the mortgage on the eMortgage system.
What valuation index is used? If my client doesn’t agree will you allow a revaluation?
Skipton Building Society uses the Halifax Price Index. If your client wants to have their property revalued additional costs may apply and, they’ll need to call us on 0345 850 1755. The product transfer will not be able to proceed until the valuation has been agreed.
If the LTV is over our product maximum, is there anything you can do?
The borrower must meet the product criteria to be eligible to apply. If they want to discuss this they can call us on 0345 850 1755.
When will the procuration fee be paid
You’ll be notified by email once the transfer has been implemented. The fee will be paid within two weeks following the product transfer using our normal payment method.
Which mortgage products are available on a product transfer?
The borrower can choose from any mortgage product on our retention or remortgage range (excluding those that offer cashback).
Who should I contact if I have any additional questions?
Contact your Skipton Intermediary Relationship Manager or our dedicated support team on 0345 266 0973.
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