This is a growing segment, with over 1.8m self-employed contractors in the market. Our criteria means we can help you to cater for these clients.

We will assess self-employed contractors using their daily contract rate x 5 x 48 weeks. Where there are gaps in the employment history the income calculation will be pro rata (e.g. 8 week gap: income = 5 x 40 weeks). When completing the application on our eMortgages system, you will need to enter your client's daily rate x 5 x 48 weeks as employed income rather than self-employed income.

Your clients must meet the following criteria:

  • minimum of 2 years' experience in their chosen profession
  • minimum of 1 years' contract history
  • minimum income (using daily rate) of £50,000

Your clients must provide the following:

  • a CV to confirm 2 years' experience
  • copy of previous contract(s) (covering a minimum of 1 year)
  • copy of current contract (no requirements to check length of time left on current contract)
  • latest month's personal or business bank statements
  • signed E-declaration

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