Frequently Asked Questions

We've collated a list of our most frequently asked questions so if you have a query or a question you might be able to find the answer below.

What is the availability of the eMortgages system?

Is there an affordability calculator I can use?

Can I get a Mortgage Illustration without being registered with Skipton Intermediaires?

Can I use the Online Services for an Additional Borrowing product?

Who can I talk to regarding product transfers?

How long is a Mortgage Illustration valid for?

Who do I refer to for help with the emortgages system?

What fee will I recieve from a regulated mortgage sale?

By submitting cases online does this mean the funds are booked?

How long after completion will the procuration fee be paid?

When will the first mortgage payment be due?

How do I upload documents?

How long is a Decision in Principle valid for?

How do I amend details on a DIP I have already submitted?