Frequently Asked Questions

We've collated a list of our most frequently asked questions so if you have a query or a question you might be able to find the answer below.


What are the age restrictions when applying for a residential mortgage?

Does Skipton accept guarantor mortgages?

Does Skipton lend on shared ownership?

How long has my client got to be in the UK for before they can apply for a mortgage?

Does Skipton lend to applicants on contracts?

What is the criteria when lending into retirement?


What type of properties do Skipton accept?

What type of properties will Skipton not lend on?

Are properties with an annexe acceptable to Skipton?

What is the maximum acreage?

Does Skipton accept flats above commercial?

Does Skipton accept ex local authority flats for Buy to Let?

Does Skipton lend on second homes?

Does Skipton lend on properties subject to a Section 106 restriction?

Does Skipton accept new build flats for Buy to Let?

Do you accept payment of valuation fees by debit or credit card?


What is the maximum term you will lend for?

How many applicants do Skipton allow per application?

Can a client make overpayments on their mortgage?

How long are Skipton mortgage offers valid for?

Does Skipton accept income generated from rental properties?

Are first time landlords acceptable for Buy to Let applications?

What is the maximum LTV on new build?

What’s the maximum loan to value for consolidation of debts?

What amount of bonus/commission/overtime do Skipton accept?

How long does a client need to be self employed for?

Does Skipton accept retained profit for self employed clients?

Does Skipton accept clients on probation periods?

Does Skipton accept accounts/P60s for the self employed?

Does Skipton accept deferred bonus?

What are the acceptable income types?

What is the minimum income for a BTL?

What is Skipton’s rental calculation for Buy to Let applications?

How does Skipton treat Buy to Lets in the background?

What are the Interest only rules?

Can I capital raise on an established BTL to fund a deposit on a residential property?

What can a client capital raise for and to what LTV on residential property?


How long after completion is my procuration fee paid?

Who can I talk to regarding retention products?

When will the first mortgage payment be due?