Please ensure you give your client a copy of the Tariff of  Mortgage Charges if they request it.

Accountant Certificate

Please use this form where an applicant is self-employed (i.e. Sole Trader, Limited Company or LLP). This document needs to be fully completed by the applicants Accountant and scan and uploaded when submitting your minimum supporting documentation. An Accountant Certificate has to be completed for each business and each applicant (if a joint application). Accounts and SA302’s are also acceptable however the Society’s preferred supporting document is the Accountant’s Certificate.

Download Accountant Certificate
Change Of Property Form

This form is currently unavailable. Please contact us on 0345 601 6683 for guidance on how to proceed with a change of property application.

eDeclaration Form Download eDeclaration Form
Cash Flow Document

This document is to be used where an application meets the BTL Portfolio Landlord definition.

Download Cash Flow Document
Re-Mortgage Fee Payment Authority Form

This form is to be used on re-mortgages when your broker fee is to be added to the loan amount. The maximum fee that can be charged to take advantage of this service is £500 and the total LTV including the fee added in cannot exceed 75%. This form must be sent immediately on submission of case to be used.

If you have any queries, please contact your Intermediary Relationship Manager.

Download Remortgage Fee Payment Authority Form
Direct Debit Mandate

This form is to be used for paper mortgage applications and those submitted through eMortgages where the customer’s bank details have not been provided as part of the electronic submission.

Download Direct Debit Mandate Form
Gifted Deposit Declaration

This form should be completed by the giftor where there is a gift of money either towards the purchase of the property or to reduce the balance of the applicant’s existing mortgage. The form should be submitted by you, the broker, and must be received prior to offer.

Download Gifted Deposit Declaration Form
Guide to Credit Scoring

This document can be given to the customer which explains how credit scoring works and the credit reference agency that we use.

Download Guide to Credit Scoring
Parental Leave Reference

This form is to be used for applicants that are currently on parental leave and it is to be completed by their employer.

Note: When we are made aware an applicant is on parental leave and this hasn’t been supplied with the minimum submission documents, Skipton will automatically request this from the employer.

Download Parental Leave Reference
Mortgage Product Transfer Guide

Our five-step guide shows you how to request a transfer from your client’s existing Skipton mortgage, over to a new product using our eMortgages system. This service is available from Monday 16 October.

Download Step by Step Guide
Multi-Person Applications

We are pleased to announce that 3 and 4 person applications are now submitted online.