Service Standards - Tuesday 20 March 2018

  Current service levels
Skipton Remortgage Conveyancing Service 21 working days from offer and receipt of welcome pack.
Application to Offer Turnaround (average based on latest 30 days) 10.49 working days
Underwriting Fully Packaged Cases submitted on or before Tuesday 13 March
Valuations Instructed 24 hours
Processing Documents submitted on or before Monday 19 March
Decision in Principle referrals 2 hours
Call wait time (based on previous working day) 8 minutes 50 seconds
Quick Offer Thank You

Thank you to my IRM Rachel Hunnisett (South East), I appreciate your efficiency and speed on getting back to me with a solution, which worked perfectly and underwriters were able to offer the case straight away even though I have been waiting for this case to offer for months. Thank you very much for your help in getting this case to offer.

Jake Brassett, Lifetime Mortgages
5 February 2018

Success Story

I wanted to let you know about a particularly successful story from Skipton recently which has pleased me and the clients. He has put a post on our Facebook page regarding the service he has received.

Background: The client was told by his own bank that he had to wait 3 months before they could see him about his mortgage. Subsequently he researched online and via the Unbiased website was put in contact with Financial Fortress. My colleague contacted me last Friday to call him which I did at 8pm that night. I organised an appointment for the following Tuesday giving me enough time to research and source a deal. He had just had a promotion so I needed to find a Lender that would accept his new income even though it hadn't hit his account yet.

From previous experience I wanted to use Skipton if possible. When he came in I keyed the DIP with him which initially declined on eligibility regarding the property. The Broker Support line helped me with the issue which was a misunderstanding of criteria on my part. I also sent the customer away to find out more information about the flat; it is part of a block with 18 floors, 4 flats on each floor and is of concrete constructions and glass panelling. After he had clarity on certificate of build and type of material - I went to Skipton to treble check to be told policy wise nothing to say you wouldn't look at but down to value's comments.

I keyed the application on the Wednesday and uploaded all relevant documents - E Dec, gifted deposit template, letter regarding income, payslip and bank statement. the valuation was booked for the following day (last Thursday) - I gave the customer a call to tell him I would more than likely have an update by early next week. To my amazement I had a text late Friday and an e mail with confirmation the mortgage had been offered.

Obviously to support a customer that has had a promotion (why wouldn't any Lender want to), but where not straight forward and potential issues with property, to turn around an offer within 2 days is absolutely fantastic! The client was hoping we could act quickly but I had set expectations for 2-3 weeks.

Yet again myself and my customer have received exceptional service from Skipton.

Malcolm Gorton, Financial Fortress
25 January 2018

General Feedback

I am an experienced administrator but new to the mortgage world! I have been working on cases with a number of different providers and have found your site to be both user-friendly and informative. When I called The Support Team they gave me clear updates of case progress and reasonable timescales, which have been met. Our BDM Rachel Hunnisett (South East) has been friendly and helpful when assistance was required - all round a good service from skipton.

Julia Fleming, Facts & Figures Financial Planners Ltd
22 December 2017

5 Star Service

I would like to commend Skipton Intermediaries on living up to their 5 star service award. As we approach Christmas with completions due it is vital for us as Brokers that when a problem arises it can be escalated through our BDM (Tracey Nash – East Anglia) and dealt with appropriately. This happened on a case this week but with ability for us to speak to Tracey and for her to liaise with necessary internal departments the issue was resolved and completion was met a day ahead of deadline. True team effort with everyone pulling together for the benefit of the customer. Thank you.

Ben Wilkins, Evolve Financial Solutions
21 December 2017

Thank you for your excellent services

I am not usually one for leaving feedback but I just want to say thank you so much for issuing my customers mortgage offers so quickly. I can honestly say that every single person I have spoken to and dealt with, from customer services through to underwriting, has been nothing short of fantastic and have been genuinely happy to help. Completely exceeded mine and my customer’s expectations. I will definitely be using and recommending your services more in the future.

Aimee Robinson, Shape Mortgages
15 December 2017

Exceptional Service

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Jon Rawley (BDM South West). After being given incorrect information from a another Lender which resulted in a declined case on a new build xmas completion, I was left in a position of sourcing a new lender needing an offer within 5 working days to allow the solicitors enough time to apply for authority to exchange from Help to Buy. Through Jon's tenacity and forward planning behind the scenes, the offer has just come out after 3 working days which has resulted in a vey happy client and a very happy new build developer. Thank you Jon!

Jake Foster, Mortgage Select
13 December 2017

Skipton service

Hi Joe Wall (IRM - North West)

I just wanted (whilst quietening down a little for Christmas), to take time out to say thanks to you and to Skipton Support Services and Underwriting (if you could please forward this on) for the service since I started in my role earlier this year.

In every case I have found the staff friendly, (always sounding like you want the business and displaying ways to allow me to help my clients), efficient (if I can’t get hold of you, I have been able to chat through queries when I need them with web chat or over the phone) and Professional (you have been out to chat me through process, all the staff have delivered on promises and chatted me through cases – with great knowledge also). In a couple of cases, lending policy has been iffy, however they are cases that have now been able to complete thanks to a bit of flexibility and I know it’s the right thing in both cases.

Skipton haven’t always been top of my sourcing tool, however, because of the above and the speed of entire process with the confidence of going through, I have been able to place a number of applications helping many customers achieve their goals, some who had been considering trying elsewhere and now will only use me going forward.

I feel that all bases are covered with service and Rates aren’t always the most important things to my customers (having said that I appreciate you have had top products through the year and at busy times still delivered on promises of time); The rates, the length of time of processing cases, the easy to understand systems, the speedy answers to my queries (as without that the business would have gone elsewhere) and the fall back support staff. The underwriters have called me in all cases and displayed the above also. I must say every case I have passed through has or is going through.

I look forward to placing even more business with you going forward.


Malcolm Gorton, Financial Fortress
5 December 2017

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