Service Standards - Monday 25 June 2018

  Current service levels
Skipton Remortgage Conveyancing Service 21 working days from offer and receipt of welcome pack.
Application to Offer Turnaround (average based on latest 30 days) 12.29 working days
Underwriting applications submitted with all supporting documents on or before Thursday 14 June
Valuations Instructed 24 hours
Processing Documents which have been submitted post underwriting on or before Friday 22 June
Decision in Principle referrals 2 hours
Call wait time (based on previous working day) 4 minutes 21 seconds

Your Feedback

Steph Thompson

A really big thank you to Steph Thompson for the help and support given on a case (sincerely and heartfelt) it offered yesterday. It’s difficult for me to gauge what Skipton would do without you!

As a Broker quite often it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that at the end of all the phone calls and the packaging/research there is a client. Someone who relies on the words that I say and whose feelings and emotions depend on the work that I do.

This is why having a Lender like Skipton is so important. It's important because Skipton has clear criteria that enables brokers to give unambiguous guidance to customers. But at the same time what makes Skipton tower above other lenders is that Skipton is able to underwrite applications in a bespoke way.

In my view why I think Skipton towers above other lenders is that Skipton encourage Underwriters to call Brokers, this communication above everything makes Skipton the best modern day Lender. Easier to do business with, treating brokers and customers as individuals rather than account numbers on a report.

Amar Singh, Nottingham Mortgage Services
17 May 2018

Excellent service

I just wanted to express my thanks to all concerned in a recent case I submitted to Skipton which needed support beyond normal standards. Clients were looking to exchange and complete asap but forms to add Solicitors to Skipton panel were delayed being returned. I was advised by Beth Hall in the support team that it can take up to 5 days for this to happen but she would see what she could do to speed this up. I then contacted my BDM, Tracey Nash (East Anglia & Essex), to see if she could do anything to help as well and with her involving other colleagues in the support team and the on-boarding team in Customer Delivery the Solicitor was added to the panel within 24 hours. Jenna Jackson in Underwriting then processed the case to offer again within that 24 hour period. Case completed a few days later. Both myself and my clients were very impressed with this turnaround with every member of staff taking ownership along the way.

Neil Bailes, Absolute Mortgages (UK) Ltd
8 May 2018

Jon Rawley - IRM (South West)

Had a difficult case due to contracting, being a lodger, going traveling etc and although it was low loan to value thanks from a gift from family, it was outside of criteria. The case declined but thanks to Jon's hard work, we were able to get the case to offer. Just want to say a big thank you as I wouldn't be able to have done it without him. Thank you!

Adam Wells, Fox Davidson
4 May 2018

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