Residential 5 Year Fixed


  • Available up to 60% LTV.
  • Fixed until 31/07/2020.
  • Remortgage business only.
  • Free standard legals and valuation for remortgages.

Residential 2 Year Fixed


  • Available up to 90% LTV.
  • Fixed until 31/07/2017.
  • Purchase business only.

Service Standards - Thursday 23 April 2015

Current service levels
Decisions in Principles
Being actioned within 2 hours
All Underwrites (With minimum submission received)
Within 4 working days
Up to and including Wednesday 22nd April.
Up to and including Tuesday 21st April.
March Offer TAT (Working Days)
19.5 Working Days
Callbacks actioned within
Approx 10 Seconds
Telephone Calls Answered
Apr 15

Extended Buy to Let End Dates

We will be making changes to our buy to let product range from 9am on Wednesday 29 April. Read more

Mar 15

Important changes to our 5 year fixed rates

We will be withdrawing selected no fee products from our 5 year fixed rate residential range at 6pm on Tuesday 31 March. Read more