What is required

To submit a mortgage application to the Society please ensure you have enclosed the following documentation, this will help your client's application to proceed without delay:

  • A signed E-declaration (both boxes if BTL) if submitted through eMortgages or a fully completed and signed application form (including Direct Debit form);
  • Latest full month's payslip
  • Latest P60 (if using additional income)
  • Latest full month's bank statement showing salary credit
  • Accountant Certificate (See Application Form section to obtain certificate) or alternatively 2 years’ full signed accounts or 2 years’ SA302’s and 1 year’s accounts if self-employed
  • Valuation fee if applicable
  • Any other fees your client has opted to pay up front
  • Gifted Deposit Declaration if applicable
  • Cash Flow Document (for BTL applications if your client has 3 or more mortgaged BTL properties)

How to submit

Applications must be sent online using our eMortgage system, exceptions being; applications in 3-4 names, or clients with less than 3 year's UK address history.

For eMortgage submission all documents must be sent within 15 days of application. Please use one of the following methods:

  • Scan and upload – found under My Case > View Summary and Documents once application is submitted. This is our preferred method, and documents need not be certified
  • Email to (case sensitive) quoting the account number
  • Fax to 01756 705714 quoting the account number

The eMortgage declaration and Cash Flow Document can be found on eMortgages under My Tools. If your client has 3 or more mortgaged BTL properties in the background an Cash Flow Document statement will be required. This can be found under My Tools > Form Download.

Please ensure an online Decision in Principle (DIP) has been performed in advance of application as this will detail any additional documentation requirements. A paper DIP can be found here for multiple applicants only.

All paper applications must then be sent to our Mortgage Service Centre as detailed below.

For cases in 3-4 names, or clients with less than 3 year's address history a paper application must be submitted and sent to the following address with all supporting documentation:

Skipton Building Society
Mortgage Service Centre,
Principal Office,
The Bailey,
North Yorkshire,
BD23 1DN.


In ALL cases can you please remember to:

  • Complete identification and address verification on the mortgage application form
  • Ensure signature boxes are completed by yourself and the clients
  • Ensure the Direct Debit form is always fully completed.