What is required

To submit a mortgage application to the Society please ensure you have enclosed the following documentation, this will help your client's application to proceed without delay:

  • A signed E-declaration (both boxes if Buy to Let (BTL)). Please note that e-signatures are acceptable if using Adobe.
  • Latest month payslip(s) (if employed and basic income is used)
  • Latest P60 /3 months' payslips (if using additional income)
  • Latest full month's bank statement showing salary credit (not required for pound for pound remortgage applications)
  • Accountant's Certificate (see Application Form section to obtain certificate) or alternatively 2 years’ full signed accounts, or two years’ SA302s and one year’s accounts if self-employed
  • Valuation fee if applicable
  • Any other fees your client has opted to pay up front
  • Cash Flow Document (for BTL applications if your client will have four or more mortgaged BTL properties upon completion of the new mortgage with Skipton)
  • Latest two years' SA302s and latest months evidence of rental income (if used as additional income)
  • Evidence of Retirement Income (refer to Age Limits / Lending Into Retirement section in A-Z Lending Criteria Guide)
  • Proof of benefits (either last 3 months' bank statements or latest Tax Award notice)
  • Proof of maintenance payments (either a copy of a court order or latest 3 months bank statements evidencing the income)
  • Proof of industry injury payments (should be covered by a court order and guaranteed for life or until retirement)

How to submit

Applications must be sent online using our eMortgage system.

All documents must be sent within 15 days of application. Please use one of the following methods:

  • Scan and upload – found under My Case > View Summary and Documents once application is submitted. This is our preferred method, and documents need not be certified
  • Email to MSCAdvisors@skipton.co.uk quoting the account number
  • Fax to 01756 705714 quoting the account number

The eMortgage declaration and Cash Flow Document can be found on eMortgages under My Tools. If your client has three or more mortgaged BTL properties in the background a Cash Flow Document statement will be required. This can be found under My Tools > Form Download.

Please ensure an online Decision in Principle (DIP) has been performed in advance of application as this will detail any additional documentation requirements.


In ALL cases can you please remember to:

  • Complete identification and address verification on the mortgage application form
  • Ensure signature boxes are completed by yourself and the clients
  • Ensure the Direct Debit form is always fully completed.