Strict security procedures are followed whenever your information is obtained and stored. Encryption technology is also used to keep the information submitted via the online contact forms secure. Encryption codes information to make it virtually impossible for someone else to read unless they have a key to decipher it. It is then stored in a secure area that can only be accessed by authorised persons.

Open emails are not secure and third parties may be able to intercept, access or alter any information you send via email. Skipton Building Society is not responsible for and cannot accept liability for any damage resulting from open email messages sent to or received by the Society. If you send us an email please keep the amount of confidential information you include to a minimum.

If you make an enquiry via email, we will take steps to check your identity before giving out any personal information.

We regularly review our security procedures.


The Data Protection Act 1998 (see for more information) gives individuals certain rights as it defines the rules for processing personal information. It also states that those who record and process personal information, such as the Society, must be open and honest in how the information is used.

The principle purpose of collecting personal data from you via this web site is to assist in the efficient running of your accounts or to provide information or services specifically requested by you. When you complete our online enquiry forms, we ask for your contact details and other selected information so that we can deal with your request as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Act also allows you to find out what information the Society holds about you in return for a small fee. This is known as a "subject access request." If you wish to know what information the Society holds about you, please write to the Data Protection Officer, The Bailey, Skipton Building Society, North Yorkshire, BD23 1DN. If any information is inaccurate or incorrect, please inform us and we will correct it.

We provide training for our employees and emphasise the need to keep data confidential.

Your telephone conversations with the Society may be recorded. This is to help the Society in its continuous attempts to improve customer service and to offer additional security. Calls and electronic communications may also be monitored for reasons of staff training.


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